A few facts about our club

Tehama Shooters Association is a private member supported Non-Profit 501(c)(7) shooting club with a focus on youth shooting sports. Through membership dues we are able to provide our membership with several shooting disciplines.  These disciplines include; Trap & Skeet, Pistol, Rimfire and Centerfire. The Centerfire range has a short-range from 100-500 yards and a long-range of 600 yard and 1,000 yards where many benchrest shooters compete twice a month and on special events. Our youth shooters include 4H Shooting Sports and Claybusters.

Tehama Shooters Association has a monthly Service Rifle match where you can show off your skills with a military style rifle with Iron sights.

Show off your long-range precision shooting skills in one of our scheduled Long-Range Benchrest matches.

Our Story

Established in 1985 with 32 charted members, the club moved to its current location in 1992. Since then the club has grown to its current membership of under 600 active members.


National Rifle Association # R7822

  • Tehama Shooters was granted charter by the National Rifle Association 31 December 1985. there were 32 original Charter Members. The Club moved to the present location on the Long Ranch in April of 1992. The first project was the construction of the highpower /centerfire firing line and the flag pole. This was all accomplished by Club Member donations of both money and labor.

California Rifle & Pistol Association # 293757

Civilian Marksmanship Program # 062242

Objective of the club

Taken from the By-Laws of the club

  • “The object of this organization shall be the encouragement of the organized rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting among citizens of the United States resident in our community, with the view toward better knowledge of the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improve marksmanship. It shall be our further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good-fellowship, self-discipline, team-play and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.”

Meet our Officers and Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consist of four Officers, one Executive Officer and  six Board of Directors. This team helps shape the programs that members of Tehama Shooters Association enjoy.

This is your team of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds that make up this strong club.


Ed Little


Frank Caltabiano

Vice President

Jeffrey Tooker

Executive Officer

Dea Hamilton

Board of Directors

Zachary McMordie

Board of Directors

Tim McMahon

Board of Directors

Kris Spencer



Mike Carlson

Board of Directors

Donn Kelly

Donn Kelly

Board of Directors


Micky Little



Gene Piellusch

Board of Directors