Range operations for October

Many members have been emailing the club for information using the range and if we are still in restrictive operation.
The short answer is yes. We are going to continue operating in a restrictive mode until we get rain and lots of it. The ground is extremely dry and saying that the vegetation on the range is very dry. What little rain we received was no where what we need to go back to normal operations. NOTE: The trap and rim-fire ranges have no restrictions and operate as usual. Recently the range was visited by Tehama County Fire for inspection and we passed. They are very pleased of how we are taking a pro-active role in reducing any chance of having a fire and expressed their thanks.

We opened the 200 yd berm up for general shooting approved at the October meeting so your not restricted to 100yds.
The monitor program will remain in effect until further notice.
When the chain is up on the hi-power area there will be no shooting on the center-fire or pistol ranges. Monitors will unlock it for use when they arrive.
These ranges are open when the monitors are present at the range. This time of year they would be starting around 7:00am.
Please remember to sign in upon arrival and before using the range.

We will try and keep all of you updated when possible either here on the website, general email newsletters (members only) and Facebook.
Please come to the general meetings for this and other important club activities.