Membership Renewal Letters Being Mailed

Hello Members of Tehama Shooters Association

The dues increase was approved by the membership present at the January annual membership and election meeting. As a result, Ed and I went to the printers to finalize the renewal letters where the print shop print will prepare and mail the renewal letters starting on Monday January 8th. Please watch your mail boxes and process the return slip with your payment with updated information such as address, phone, and email address as soon as possible.  Remember 2018 dues are now $75.00 per year. Any dues not received by March 1st will be considered late and may incur an additional administrative late fee.

Please validate and update email addresses as we will doing a lot more club business with our members using electronic means i.e. newsletters and important club related announcements.

Thank You,

Richard Heinsohn, Secretary
Tehama Shooters Association

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