A Message from Richard Heinsohn, Secretary

Members, In order to provide our membership with news on events, meetings, projects, etc, we have chosen to use a new FREE email marketing tool to spread the word to our members. After reviewing the last two email blasts I have run the statistics of who is opening the messages. Of the 470 valid email addresses we have on record only 56% of you have opened the messages we sent out. That is only slightly more than half of you with valid email addresses. This email tool is going to be our primary way of keeping our active membership informed. If you have not received our emails please check you SPAM folder and add to your active inbox folder so that your email host knows to deliver the message to your inbox. This is especially true for those of you that have Gmail accounts. Emails from our marketing emailer account come from ‘VRmailer3‘ or similar and sometimes gets flagged as SPAM by your email system.  Tehama Shooters Association will never spam you. If you have any questions about your email address you can email tsa@tehamashooters.com include you membership number and I’ll check the membership records and update if necessary. If your seeing our messages then nothing has to be done on your part. Please note: At this time only active members will be included in the email announcements due to the sensitivity of club information.

For your information, If you mark a message to unsubscribe, intentional or not, it is very difficult to re-subscribe you. This is to keep in compliance with Federal and State Spam laws and we have no control over it. The email marketing company maintains the list, not Tehama Shooters. It takes a lot of effort to restore an email address to our marketing system as I just found out this past week and was successful doing so.

Coming next month, we will have a newsletter with current activities within the club. If you would like to submit an article or series of articles, here is your chance. We are looking for stories of long past club activities to recent articles. If you have a favorite shooting discipline you like to share we encourage you to submit an article or series of articles. All articles or ongoing segments must be submitted by the first Monday of the month the newsletter will be published in. For starters, we will be emailing newsletters every quarter beginning this September. email your articles to tsa@tehamashooters.com 

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Richard Heinsohn
Tehama Shooters Association

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